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"Yin-trospective" Yoga Workshop

My apologies the previous post had the wrong date! The correct day is May 27, 2023

I hope you are doing well and feeling some of the space and possibility that comes with spring. These past few months I have been immersed in a training through Relational Trauma Therapy online out of Denmark and would like to share some of the things I'm curious about now. For me that exploration makes most sense in and through the body, and shows up as a yoga, movement, and breath workshop.

I'm excited to be offering a full day yoga workshop the end of May.

What are the details?

Saturday, May 27

11:30am - 1:15pm "Being in the Cocoon" - Exploring the surprising wisdom of deep rest, burn out, shutting down, giving up, limits, and letting go. We might think of this as the descent in the hero(ine)'s journey, being in the dark, the long winter, or the cave, and the tools and the compassion we need to be here.


1:15pm - 3pm BREAK for lunch

3pm - 4:45pm "Slow Emergence" - Exploring the ascent in the hero(ine)'s journey, coming back to life, bringing more energy back into the system, a movement towards summer and possibility.


$80/both classes or $40 each

I hope you'll be able to join for both the morning and afternoon class but you are welcome to attend just one.

What we will do:

- yin and restorative yoga

-gentle movement

-meditation, yoga nidra, and pranayama (breathwork)

Topics we will explore:

- life cycles

- energy patterns (shutdown/freeze/burnout or overwhelm/chronic busy-ness/anxiety)

nervous system

-overworking (controlling) and underworking (shutting down) patterns and parts ---deep rest

Who should attend?

-yoga students and teachers who want to immerse themselves in a full day of practice

-beginners interested in a yoga practice, and would like to dive in

-people who want to understand their nervous system and trauma responses

-people who relate to patterns of shutdown, freeze, procrastination and "stuckness" and would like to explore tools in a digestible and non-judgmental way

-people whose nervous system seems stuck on "busy"-ness, overwhelm, and vigilance

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