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What is Regulation and Restorative Yoga for Recovery?

I offer private restorative yoga classes and somatic counselling. These sessions offer the client the opportunity to benefit from the tools of restorative yoga with an experienced yoga teacher and somatic therapist.


Who would benefit from private sessions?

  • persons recovering from a traumatic event; sexual assault, victims of crime, car accidents, developmental trauma, etc.

  • persons working through PTSD, dissociation, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, shutdown, chronic pain, and other chronic conditions.

  • persons looking for support and rest during challenging times such as illness, caregiving, grief, compassion fatigue anyone who would prefer to work 1:1 with a Somatic Therapist/Experienced Yoga Teacher  

What is the benefit of Regulation and Restorative Yoga for Recovery?

  • restorative yoga may help to reduce anxiety, manage pain, increase flexibility, help with sleep, regulate and soothe the nervous system, foster mindfulness, increase compassion for self and others, improve digestion, take the pressure off other body systems (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, immune and endocrine)

  • the body learns through experience, we need to practice rest not just read about it

  • learn to relax even with a racing mind or when anxious and learn tools to deal with anxiety/panic

  • reconnect with life force energy when exhausted or run down

  • guided by a Somatic Therapist so there is the opportunity to work with any challenges as they come up

$100/90 minute session

$75/60 minute session 

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