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7 Ideas for Playing with Fresh Space

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

If you haven't already, read the previous post about The Importance of Fresh Space here.

Remember, we're not trying to cover, hide, or dismiss pain and trauma with fresh space.

We are looking at things from a different view and allowing and giving space to see a different perspective.

1. Become not just mindful but “bodyful.”

Throughout the day notice your posture, notice if you’re always sitting the same way, moving the same way, holding your muscles the same way. Take a few breaths and try moving your body in a different way. Create space in the muscles and fascia by moving differently.

If you notice your shoulders are hunched forward, play with rolling them back and down a few times. If your scowling, soften your jaw and smile gently. You can play with exaggerating what you’re doing (hunch your shoulders more, scowl more) & then soften. Repeat this a few times. This helps bring in fresh space to your body and helps the nervous system to record something new and intentional.

2. Practice Beginners Mind

Look at or taste something like it was your first time. Gaze at a flower and really see it or eat a piece of chocolate very slowly. Savour it. You will never live that exact same moment again and truthfully we have no idea of how many moments we have to savour.

3. Try to notice something new in your relationships today.

We tend to think we know the people closest to us inside and out possibly losing our curiosity about who they are. Try seeing them with a beginner’s mind approaching them with curiosity.

Ask them what their experience is. Notice if you have the tendency to assume their experience is the same as yours.

4. If you always exercise the same way, try something different.

Don’t exercise to “look” fit, exercise to “feel” the fitness in your body. Move and notice your aliveness.

5. Practice Breath.

One of the quickest ways to bring freshness to our physiology is to deepen the breath.

6. Do something new for the joy of it.

Not because your going to sell it, or turn it into your next career or win a contest, just for the joy of it. Experience the newness of it.

7. Throughout your day you can bring in fresh space.

Eat something different for breakfast. Drive or walk a different way. Notice how you shut down emotionally and challenge yourself to be just slightly more open or curious. Turn the cold water on at the end of your shower and get a blast of cold fresh water.

I would love to help you discover more fresh space ideas unique to you. If you like these ideas, share via the links below.

With gratitude,


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