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A Few Fall Offerings

There is a chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to fall. The transition and change that is outside of us is also happening within us. We are called inwards to move towards a deeper rest and reflection. This time of year is often met with mixed feelings. Its nice to pull out the cozy sweaters and spiced tea but the shorter days, quiet and colder weather can feel lonely. What is your relationship with "wintering"?

I have a few offerings this fall if you're wanting to practice or perhaps be in community.

"Embodiment and Boundaries" (only 3 spots left!) begins Saturday, September 24 at 11:30am. This six session series is for Trauma Recovery and offers somatic tools to regulate the nervous system; healthy boundaries and embodied consent; power within as opposed to power over; fierce and tender compassion; expression; intuition and awareness.

"Restorative Bed Yoga"

This is a free class to help us slow down for fall. It's not the highest quality recording but it does the trick! You don't need any props, just your bed and 3 pillows:)

"Intro to Pain Care Yoga"

This isn't being offered by me but I definitely wanted you guys to know about this! Please don't be confused because we do share the same name and the same spelling. Kerri Sumner is a highly trained yoga therapist and pain care and trauma informed specialist. Many people who have experienced trauma also suffer from chronic pain - if you'd like to explore more Kerri has a free intro session and 4 week series coming up.

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