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Many of you have asked if I would be offering restorative yoga classes or somatic practices and it's taken some time but, here it is! I needed time to consider what I could offer that felt helpful right now. I feel that we are being inundated with information that brings us away from ourselves and it’s important to me that I try to offer something that will help us feel more deeply connected to ourselves, each other, and this beautiful world in which we live.

In response to what I have been feeling, and I what I have heard from friends, family, clients and students, I have created a six week series that combines restorative yoga, somatic practices, meditation, mindfulness and a small educational piece into each class. It's meant to help us to feel more grounded, embodied and present. We are all feeling the allostatic load of the last year, the wear and tear of chronic stress with no certain time of when it will stop, and it a can leave us feeling disconnected, tired, quick to anger, more anxious and even depressed. We deepen the wound by judging ourselves for having these reactions, but they are very normal and healthy reactions to chronic stress. It also feels important to offer classes that include more practice than information. We are bombarded with information all the time, what we practice and how we incorporate that into our lives makes more of a difference then facts rolling around in our head. Practice takes time, something that we often feel short on. Our brains are changing due to the quick bites of information we are getting through the news and social media and what we are unconsciously doing to unwind is actually making us more distracted, anxious and separate. I don’t want to offer another quickly wrapped class. This series is intended to bring us deeper and to slow us down and to offer more time to practice.

This course is trauma aware, resourced based, practice based (experiential as opposed to just being conceptual) and gentle. All the classes will be virtual and you are welcome to attend either the live or recorded class.

FREE CLASS - "WALKING SOFTLY - A GENTLE PATH TO WHOLENESS" (to be taken on it's own or as a prerequisite to the 6 week series)

Wednesday April 14 6-8pm

How do chronic stress and trauma separate us from ourselves, each other, and our bodies?

How do self-care, nourishment, and deep listening differ from the current self-help/fix-it approach?

How do our current ways of healing separate us further?

What are we talking about when we speak of embodiment or disembodiment?

How can we experience ourselves as inherently whole?

I am offering this free class as an introduction and prerequisite to the six week series. This class will be more information than practice but will create a container for the more practice rich series. Find out more and register for the free class here.


Each class will be two hours long and will include approximately ½ hour of education leading into practice, movement, meditation, and an opportunity for questions and sharing.

I have used the elements and the chakras as a way of creating a container to explore embodiment. Each class will focus on a certain area of the body. We will stretch, rest, embody, and “map” each area of the body to strengthen our relationships with ourselves and know our; boundaries, our foundation and support, power and autonomy, compassion for ourselves and others, how to protect ourselves from compassion-fatigue, self expression, feeling our feelings instead of swallowing them, and knowing ourselves as a reliable witness and friend; from the inside out.

All the information is in the link but please do reach out if you have any questions!

Also, before you go! I will be offering POP UP OUTDOOR YOGA CLASSES IN THE SOUTH SURREY AREA by donation. If you'd like to be informed of those classes please send me a quick email and let me know you're interested!

With Love,


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