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I hope you enjoyed a restful and playful summer and are settling into the cooler weather. The shift from summer to fall invites us to turn inwards and come back to practices that help nourish and restore us for winter. It is with that in mind that I offer up a new fall and winter series to deepen our practices.

There is no shortage of information out there but information doesn't help us to rewire our systems, only practice will do that. I can read about the relaxation response, but if I don't actually practice it, my nervous system doesn't get the rewards. I can read about meditation and the positive impact it has on the brain, but reading doesn't create the change, we have to practice it.


Beginning in October 19, I am offering four, 4 week series, that help us practice the skills needed for Trauma Resolution, help us move into parasympathetic or "Rest and Digest", and help us to feel more open hearted and connected.

Part One "Awareness" 4x Tuesdays October 19 - November 9 7pm-8:30pm $79

Part Two "Autonomy" 4x Tuesdays November 16- December 7 7pm-8:30pm $79

Part Three "Acceptance" 4x Tuesdays January 4-25 2022 7pm-8:30pm $79

Part Four "Active Possibility" 4x Tuesdays February 1-22 2022 7pm-8:30pm $79

Each part focuses on a different skills but every session will include gentle yoga informed postures and stretches, somatic exercises, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness. At this time I am offering all courses online via zoom and will record the sessions if you have to miss one. All levels are welcome.

For more information please follow the link:

I am offering both online or in person one on one counselling sessions in my home office and I continue to teach at both Vayusha Yoga Studio in South Surrey and Live Yoga Studio in White Rock.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi! please send me an email



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