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Self Care as an Action that Leads to Self Love

We don’t have to convince ourselves that we are worthy of love. We need to act towards ourselves like our most skillful selves would act towards someone we love. We need to take actions that show we care about our own opinions, thoughts, and feelings. We need to know and honour our own boundaries.

Self Care Actions

· Listen to your body. Eat when your hungry, sleep when your tired, move, dance and play.

· Practice removing guilt especially when practicing self care.

· Slow down.

· Practice pleasure. Eat chocolate slowly, sip red wine, smell flowers, get a massage, have sex.

· Spend time in nature.

· Say no.

· Say yes.

· Give yourself time. Time to decide, time to feel, time to be pissed off, time to celebrate, time to grieve, time to get there, whatever, just give yourself time.

· Give yourself a day without any agendas or “to do” lists.

· Do something special for yourself for no reason.

· Let yourself not be ok.

· Connect with others.

· Enjoy solitude.

· Cry, scream, complain without judgement.

· Watch a funny movie.

· Get quiet.

I'd love to hear from you, what do you do for self care?

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1 Comment

Love this, definitely needed this reminder. Thank you ♡

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