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The Goddess Kali Story - Celebrating International Women's Day!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The Hindu Goddess Kali is the goddess of transformation, endings, and renewal. She is fierce and loving, strong and kind. She is complicated and refuses to be put in an easily digestible package. She is not concerned with making herself small or less fierce in order to make you more comfortable. She is not worried about being nice when there is an injustice that needs attending to. For some she is terrifying but she isn't about to apologize for it. There is so much that any woman can learn from this goddess. She has been an inspiration for me since I began my journey with yoga, self acceptance, and the courage to create the the boundaries I needed in order to take care of myself.


This International Women's Day I am offering a by donation talk and meditation ritual. I will share one of the Kali origin stories and how I feel that the energy of Kali can help us to have the courage to uphold our boundaries which are essential to create change!

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